Friday, November 11, 2005

Huge Demo Against Chinese President State Visit UK

During Hu Jintao's State visit the issue of Tibet received huge media coverage. The following links are a selection of website articles with images and related links:

Daily Telegraph - Noisy reception for Chinese president (8 Nov)

The Times - Cheers and jeers greet Chinese leader in London (8 Nov)

Reuters - Rights protesters jeer China's Hu on British visit (8 Nov)

Rowdy reception for Chinese president (8 Nov)

Chinese visit greeted by protests (8 Nov)

Protesters ready for China visit (8 Nov)

Battle of the flags for China visit (8 Nov)

Daily Telegraph - Protestors have their say as Queen welcomes Hu (9 Nov)

The Times - Supporters bussed in for President's state visit (9 Nov)

Protests follow Chinese president (9 Nov)

Protests greet Chinese president in Downing Street (9 Nov)


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